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Praetorian Armory

We are more than a certified cerakote applicator store or online arms dealer. From tools and ammo to firearm care and safety courses, Praetorian Armory is dedicated to helping you be prepared for those moments when protection matters.

We do more than arm our customers with firearms. We also arm them with the knowledge and skills needed to handle those firearms in a variety of situations. From beginners’ safety courses to advanced sharp shooter courses, we’ll do more than sell you a tool. We’ll help you learn to handle that tool with total confidence. Contact us to learn more about our available courses, or to sign up for a class today.

Praetorian Armory also carries a variety of accessories for every type of gun owner. Whether you need a gun safe for your single handgun, essential equipment for hunting trips, or other tactical gear for use alongside your firearm, our cerakote gun applicator store has what you need. We’re also fully stocked with ammo for all of the firearms we carry. Check out our online catalog, or stop by our store to see our incredible online stock of firearm accessories, ammo, and other equipment.

Protection matters—for you, and for your firearm. A firearm should be properly cared for and protected if you hope for it to function properly when you need it. That’s why we offer professional gunsmith cleaning, as well as cerakote application. If you’re looking for cerakote locations to apply top-of-the-line polymer ceramic coating that will protect and preserve your firearm, stop by our cerakote applicator store today.

Our team

The team at Praetorian Armory is comprised of passionate firearms owners just like you. From lifelong hobbyists to experienced armed professionals, this time has the experience, knowledge, and passion you’re looking for in an online arms dealer.

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Brandon S
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Our firearms safety courses and sharp shooter classes are taught by talented, passionate, instructors. Click below to learn more and sign up today!

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